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Healthy microbes for Healthy life farming

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Are microbes seriously dangerous?

Microbes are everywhere, they are ubiquitous. Even your mouth houses microbes which equals the total population of humans on earth.

There are no healthy or unhealthy microbes. It's all our perspectives, when it benefits human beings it's healthy and if not termed as harmful. Interestingly, 95% of our DNA sequences share the sequences of microbes, that is we are made of 95% of the microbial genome. In fact, they are the protectors of plants and humans. Like, some microbes present in our gut help in the breakdown of food which is found hard to break by us. Some produce vitamins that are essential for us.

An Invention led to the arise of a new subject

For the first time when people saw these microbes under a microscope, they got afraid when Anton Von Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch Scientist invented the microscope. After his discovery, he has been called as the father of Microbiology. These are so tiny organisms that cannot be seen under our naked eye, but does a wonderful job in our environment, right from causing the deadliest disease to cleaning the environment. We wonder how this unseen man can do such a great thing. We need this superman otherwise our land will be filled with garbage. Yes, it decomposes the waste materials in the earth.

Creators of the world

A single teaspoon of soil can hold the population of microbes that equals the total number of human populations on earth. Our mother Earth is a home for all living and non-living organisms on Earth. Plants are the primary producers and few animals depend on them for their survival. Without them, nobody can survive. Forests contain a vast variety of plants and animal species, even in that, only a few have been explored by humans. 

Birds holds a bigger part in creating such huge forests. Surprisingly, there are few trees which grow only when the seed has been taken up and processed by the bird. Its stomach acid enables the seed to germinate. But we cannot do that. They are actually the creators. And our superheros who keeps the forests clean by decomposing.

Let us Join together for healthy living

Microbes not only decompose but then helps the plants grow. Their interaction with plants provides them with good nutrition. For example, nitrogen-fixing bacteria enables plants to take up nitrogen. Good soil health is defined by the number of microbes present in it. Otherwise, the soil will lose the capacity to grow plants. Microbes are mini fertilizer producing factories that are essential for the growth of plants.

Obviously, the entire world is depending on Agriculture for survival. Due to the increase in the human population, we have lost cultivable lands. In addition to that, our land has been spoiled by the utilization of synthetic pesticides to control pests. And also, some chemical fertilizers destroy the good microflora present in the soil. This also creates an imbalance in the food chain and leads to a loss of biodiversity.

Our ancestors protected the Earth-like God, without harm. They used resources for sustainable development. They used Organic fertilizer like cow dung, dried leaves, etc., These things filled the soil with abundant health, and the plants grown on that soil were healthy and the fruits and vegetables were rich in nutrition. People in those days lived healthily with a good immune system. The reason behind that was their healthier lifestyle. Even nowadays we can bring back those kinds of farming, by using organic fertilizer which is nothing but healthy microbes for farming apart from synthetic fertilizers.

To protect ourselves from diseases that are caused by insecticides we are in need to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, do organic farming and lead a healthy lifestyle and save our environment from danger


Ms. Elakiya Sadhaasivam

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