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Dr Kamal Dua

Dr. Kamal Dua, Lecturer, Discipline of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Health, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), has a research experience of over 12 years working in the field of drug delivery targeting inflammatory diseases. Dr Dua is also a Node Leader of Drug Delivery Research in the Centre for Inflammation at Centenary Institute/UTS, where the targets identified from the research projects are pursued to develop novel formulations as the first step towards translation into clinics. Dr Dua researches in two complementary areas; drug delivery and immunology, specifically addressing how these disciplines can advance one another helping the community to live longer and healthier. This is evidenced by his extensive publication record in reputed journals. Dr Dua’s research interests focus on harnessing the pharmaceutical potential of modulating critical regulators such as Interleukins and microRNAs and developing new and effective drug delivery formulations for the management of inflammation in chronic airway diseases and cancer.

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