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Team name

Dr. Subha A/P Bhassu

Subha Bhassu is the Head of Animal Genomics and Evolutionary Biology Lab (AGAGEL), which is affiliated to Institute of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University Malaya and also Head of Terra-Aqua Lab of Center for Biotechnology in Agriculture (CEBAR). She has a PhD in Molecular Biology specialization in molecular, population and quantitative genetics. She has been awarded the One of Established Scientist in 2018 and also won many awards in the field on molecular biology. She is currently is part of national framework on biosafety and biosecurity committee for health under the Ministry of Public Health, she is also part of Institutional of Biosafety and Biosecurity of University Malaya which is called IBBC and now serving under the JBK which is Jawatankuasa Bio-Keselamatan under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Her focal point to outreach the community by creating awareness on biosafety and biosecurity in aquaculture which is seen as the next blue economy. Therefore, food safety and food security are important. her future steps is always have to embark on research with ethics and integrity as her research progress in the aquatic world that involves multidisciplinary approaches and hope to instigate the scientific world on thought provoking ideas that can shift the people’s mind, heart and soul to be more aligned to the world’s needs and happiness.

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